Monday, February 18, 2013

When all else fails, blame it on Santa

There are all sorts of mile stones in a persons life.  Pookie has just hit a new one.  Around this age, kids start telling fibs.  At two, kids can't distinguish between fantasy and reality.  On the flip side, this means his imagination is working.  

Pookie has been a little more cantankerous the past couple of days.  Our schedules are all out of whack, which tends to wreak havoc.  The other day I was getting my list together to go grocery shopping.  Mind you, I am also getting breakfast together and really, I'm not awake yet at this point.  I have the freezer open to check to see what I need more of and Pookie decides to grab the bag of frozen corn.  Not only does he grab the bag, but he pulls the clip off the top.  Then he proceeds to drop the bag.  Before I can stop him he picks up the bag of corn from the wrong end and corn goes everywhere.  Erg.  I make a noise of frustration and Pookie heads for the hills.  I manage to get the frozen corn out of the freezer and swept up off the floor.  I have a feeling that I am going to be finding corn kernels in random spots in my freezer for the next several months.  At this point the toast is definitely on the toasty end and I take a couple of gulps of my now cold coffee trying to wake myself up a little more before going to talk with Pookie.

Pookie has very wisely set up camp in a corner of his room.  He is looking very ashamed of himself.  I picked him up and we sat down on the glider and I asked him what happened.  To which he responded "Saanta Claws dop con" (aka Santa Claus dropped the corn).  Hum, I don't think Santa was in the building, I think that Pookie dropped the corn.  Pookie continued to insist that Santa was the one who did it.  I gently told him that I saw Pookie drop it, that it was an accident and accidents happen.  I then told him that he needed to say 'sorry' for dropping the corn.  He really wasn't having any of that, however I asked him if he was sorry that it dropped and he said yes.  Really, I kind of like Pookie's tactic, just blame it on Santa Claus. 

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